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God, Science and the unseen

I sit and look around me. My house was designed and made; all my furniture and equipment were inspired and invented; my clothes were someone’s vision. All the books sitting on my shelf were dreamed of and created from imagination, the same for all the art and craft I make.

Moving further afield and I look outside, a glorious blue sunny sky, trees and plants blooming, the sound of water from the stream running by. The thought of all the different colours and species mind blowing really! Wild and domesticated animals and all their varieties and us, we too are just as diverse.

Scientists have had a wonderful time during the ages exploring and understanding how our world and us work. They discover new things all the time and sometimes their new finds cause them to go back to their original theories and revise them. The scientific world is a moving feast as they learn new skills to explore and gain new technology to learn from.

How does God and science exist together? For me it is simple, God is the original, the greatest scientist there is. I think about the chicken and the egg question, what came first? Considering the answer, if it was the egg, who looked after it, fed it, reared it to become a chicken? I then put that alongside the animals that don’t come from an egg, they needed a body to come from. So the chicken had to come first, just as an adult animal had to come first, just as man and woman had to come first!

Then comes the question of how do you prove God exists?

It is an interesting question and I am praying right now for an answer that may inspire non-believers to accept that there is a Creator.

I sit and look around me. I breathe air that I cannot see, but I know it is there. Our world has us breathing in oxygen, breathing out carbon dioxide, which in turn is breathed in by trees (photosynthesis) and then they give out oxygen, it is a simple scientific process, but for me what a great design! Gravity keeps me on the ground, again I cannot see it, but I know it is there. I googled a simple explanation for gravity, thinking Newton and Einstein, but then came across this, such mysteries, such wonder, all by chance? To me this has to have been designed, invented, imagined and created by someone, something that understands the complexities of physics etc to the infinite degree, https://www.newscientist.com/round-up/seven-things-that-dont-make-sense-about-gravity/.

How many other things can you think of that are around us, but we cannot see? The physics, chemistry, geology etc of our world is stunningly awesome with how it all fits together. All by chance?

Animals and humans are brilliantly put together, with all the different ways we travel, move and communicate. From life in the sea, on land and in the air. Looking at the specific diversification of areas, how each animal and insect interrelate to each other and to the habitat around them to create the whole. It is mind boggling to say the least how it all fits together so majestically.

Leading me on to looking at us. Mankind. Life could not have started with a baby, with nobody to rear it, look after it or bring it up to become an adult. It would have been easy pickings for the animals around. The chance that a man child and woman child were formed and just so happened could make babies together? So if we can agree life in my understanding must have started with adulthood? Our bodies are amazing, if you look at how all the processes within our bodies work, the detail that makes us able to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. We eat and drink, it gets digested, the goodness absorbed by the body and what’s left excreted. I love reading how an atheist scientist turns to understanding their must be a Creator for things to have been designed so perfectly. There are many stories out there to google and think about.

Many talk about us having blind faith, but, when you really consider it many things we value are blind. We trust, respect and love others but we don’t actually see these things. We learn to trust, we give respect to someone that we look up too and we love family and friends because of their actions towards us. Our emotions and feelings are unseen things but they are there, we see their impact from love to hate; from forgiveness to revenge; from anger to peace etc. So in all this why cant there be a loving Creator, a God, who designed us each uniquely, designed this Earth to meet all our needs. To dismiss such a theory that this is all by a big bang accident, that it is all just a coincidence could be a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water!

Give God a chance to show you who He really is and that above all things He loves you.

A lot of people throw the worlds suffering up as a reason not to believe, but consider this – Once there was a golden age of man, not just written about in the Bible but many ancient texts. Man disobeyed God and fell from His grace and sin was born through us. We have battled against sin ever since. In that sin is suffering, not caused by God, but by ourselves. So many now have walked away from God and have no love for Him and yet He is the first to be blamed for every wrong, hurt and pain. What does God do to help? He gave great scientists dreams, skills and abilities to come up with cures. He impassions doctors and nurses, teachers and so many others to take up a calling to help others. He sends missionaries around the world to help, taking aid to all areas in many different ways. Some of these happen to be Christian, but many called do not see their calling as God given, but still they go! Mankind murders each other with weapons, with words, with actions, some cures have caused further suffering like they thalidomide tragedies. We cause ourselves harm when we eat or drink too much, take drugs etc., we have to take responsibility for what we do to ourselves and to each other. When we don’t love and support one another we are the cause pain and suffering.

Maybe today you are reading this because God is trying to speak to you and say ‘Here I am, I love you, just give me a chance to show you.’

The Bible has survived, like many ancient texts for a reason because God will always keep looking for His lost sheep and will never give up until the very end trying to bring them home. Don’t miss out, don’t leave too late.

God bless you all for getting this far :).

Jul 13 2017