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Walk with me a while

The night before the American elections I went to bed with curiosity and a slight amount of dread, who would win? In the morning when I turned on the television to the news that Donald Trump had won, to my utter surprise, I burst into song. There was this surge of joy in my heart that lifted me, for a little while, I felt like an eagle soaring on the thermals and knew in my heart all would be well. But why?

Come walk with me a while, let me show you not the end, but the beginning. If this were on tape I would say close your eyes and step through the doorway with me, like the children stepping into Narnia, or Willy Wonga and his fabulous world of imagination.

The countryside is alive with the most vibrant colours, you can hear the birds singing their songs, but you can understand what they say. Magnificent trees bow and curtesy to greet you, everything is alive. You watch as the otters play in the water with the crocodiles, deer sit down with lions, not one care in the world. They have everything they need. A world of harmony, a world of total peace; a world of happiness. A world where nature is restored to health, the seas cleaned and the air unpolluted. But what of us?

I don’t see us naked, but clothed in beautiful handmade garments. People strolling down the street, greeting each other with a warm smile. No rushing, no hassle and bustle! Everyone has a shelter, a home to stay in for as long as they like. The forest dwellers content in the woods; the sea lovers beside the oceans; and the land lodgers where they like to be. No land registry because nothing is actually yours, but everything is yours! No lawyers, solicitors; no estate agents, no paperwork or lengthy chains, no disappointments or heartaches and definitely no stress. When you fancy a change people just move around. Nothing in the place is yours, but you use everything in that place as though it was yours! There is no envy, no resentment, no keeping up with the Jones’s.

Farmers have whole communities to help with the sowing and planting, reaping and harvesting. With so many hands helping nothing is a chore, nothing is hard work, you would hear much laughter and joy as people share in the seasons. No stresses about whether or not it will be a good harvest, because when God returns it always be a good harvest. Produce will be taken around to other communities, market places will be packed with people trying the produce and taking some home. No worries about paying for anything, no concerns about stocking up just in case; you just take what you need because you know tomorrow there will always be more there. The market place where clothes designers and makers bring their creations and people revel in the creativity. No great prices for designer labels, nobody going without clothes or shoes, you just choose what you like and take it home. It wont work? With no money there is no incentive to work? Greedy people will just take everything? No!

You see in this world there are no fat cats, no bankers, no stock market financers, no jobs that are meaningless and have no real end. In the world that is coming those who love to build, will build. Experienced workers wont worry about losing money training others, they will just know the joy of passing on their passion. Inventers will still invent, the Wright brothers Wilbur and Orville didn’t sit down and say ‘Today I am going to make money’, that wasn’t their passion, they wanted to fly, in relative obscurity they experimented on how to achieve that dream.

In this world you could follow your dreams and passions, you would share with everyone. Any hint of a problem trying to do something, there would be a whole crowd around you to help. Want to make your own table a carpenter will show you how, fancy painting a picture and an artist will be ready to guide you.

A world where you could walk anywhere and not feel threaten, a world without violence; there would be no need for police or the army. God promises in Isaiah 35 v5-6… Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy… and in Revelation 21 v4… He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain… There will be no more need of doctors, nurses or any other medical professional because we will all be well. No more need for expensive medical research or drugs, no more worrying about getting an appointment, no more time wasted waiting. A world of no fear, or doubt, or worry.

I once asked the Lord how could you describe what is to come, what your new world would be like… He gave me three scenarios… An elderly lady walking home from the shops and one of her bags splits, all her groceries spewed out on to the pavement. Cars whizzing past, people over the road going about their business not looking, not seeing her plight. No help, maybe someone might come to her aid. But in God’s world she would be surrounded by people who would not only pick up all her groceries, but they would carry them all home for her, put them away, make her a cup of tea and only leave once she was comfortable!

In our world we rely on things like washing machines, cars or computers and when they go wrong we have the headache of organising a repair, the worry of having enough money to pay for it and then the struggle to get time off work to sort it all out… but in God’s world can you imagine that when something stopped working or broke down that there would be a knock at the door and people there saying would you like some help? You just open the door and in they come to repair and fix whatever it is and return it to new!

The last is my favourite… When you take your children to the local park, you have to watch them all the time. You have to be alert to who is around you, what is going on, where the children are going. Is there any danger like broken glass, or dog poo? But in God’s world there is no concern, no danger, no fear of children being taken or wandering off. You could sit under a tree and fall asleep and know that when you wake up your children would be safe, they would be playing happily, laughing, skipping and dancing in a world of contentment, happiness, harmony and bliss.

The sad thing is that we could have this right now, right here if we had love for one another. There was no greed, arrogance or pride. No judgement or condemnation. No bitterness or resentment or rejection. The world is big enough for us all to have shelter, food and clothes if only we could share it.

Some people have told me that money is the incentive to do well, without money there would be chaos. I believe money causes the chaos.

True leaders don’t lead for power or greed, but for direction and guidance. They organise, coordinate and shape things. Doctors and other health professionals, police, firemen, ambulance men, plumbers, builders, farmers and all the other services don’t go into these professions for money, they do it because they have a passion, a calling inside them to provide and help, to make things better. Dancers, singers, artists of all varieties and actors have a passion inside them to bring joy and hope through their work, not many reach the dizzy heights of celebrities. Charity workers don’t start up their charities to get money, their heart is to help people who are in need, who are without the basics in life. Don’t listen to the lies of the devil, love should be the exchange rate in this world, and the great thing is, when God returns it will be. A world of peace, harmony and love, where we all share and care for one another. Nobody will go without! Keep your eyes fixed on the goal, where God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all the heavenly host will once again walk the earth with us.

I pray this vision encourages you and inspires you today. God bless.

Feb 01 2017