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Loves Victory

I looked upon your broken face,
Blood dripping down like lace.
Battered and bruised,
Crushed and abused.
Hanging there in torment,
Suffering till life was spent.
In grim black darkness,
Love in all its starkness
Shone like light from your eyes,
As you pleaded towards skies.
‘Why have you forsaken me?’
Life withering like a tree.
Then it was finished,
Your heart diminished.
Death swallowed you up with glee,
Believing it had a new detainee,
But love had another vision.
It pressed in for a great collision.
For in that grim obscurity
Love in all its purity,
Would rise and conquer death
In that last painful breath.
Three days death held its grip
Thinking it had ownership.
Banging, crashing and thundering,
The earth stood wondering.
Suddenly a father’s love split the sky
Stretching down to unify,
Hope screamed in your fatality
And smashed the principality.
No chains would hold you down
Love would wear its crown.
Pure light shone all around
Darkness defeated and drowned.
Brought up from extermination
Now a rock of firm foundation.
Shining for all nations to see
Jesus really is the key.
Life with all its fragility
Only love provides invincibility.
Through God the son
Victory has been won.
His promise one day to return
When surely we will learn,
What true love and harmony means,
Because it’s deep within our genes.
Peace and tranquillity are awaiting,
No more corrupt discriminating,
But fun and laughter for everyone
If you accept all he has done.
God bless you this day,
With an open mind I pray
Invite him into to your heart
Where he will never depart.
He is our eternal salvation,
And in him we are a new creation.

Mar 21 2017